LIT offers LED products and services that are unrivaled in the industry. With many different industry applications you can see how LIT’s lighting products would be applied. follow the links below to specific industry sectors.


Here is a brief on what LIT’s lighting solutions can do for each industry sector: 

1. Our technology represents a lighting energy cost savings between 50%-97% compared to the traditional CFL & florescent lighting solutions installed today.

2. The typical life span of our lamps (bulbs) is 50,000 hours compared to CFL & florescent bulbs that are designed to last 5,000 hours which results in dramatically reduced maintenance costs year over year.

3. We are 100% manufactured here in the USA and as part of our manufacturing process, we have the ability to create our LED solutions with the proper connector type on the end of each lamp which allows us to create what we call “retrofit kits”. Retrofit kits allow us to reuse and integrate our LED solutions into your existing lighting fixtures without the need of additional adapters or the need for full fixture replacement maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of your facilities.

4. We have the ability to fund all of our projects without requiring $1 coming out of our customer’s capital expenditure budgets. We do this by taking the monthly energy cost savings generated by our technology and split the monies saved into two separate buckets. One bucket is filled with 15% of the cost savings which goes directly back into your pocket as a bonus for allowing us to install our technology within your facilities while the remaining 85% of the cost savings is paid back to Airbender to help recover the hardware and services costs of the new LED technology we just installed. This shared cost savings plan typically lasts about 5 years and once the term is up, 100% of the cost savings and all of the hardware is yours to enjoy. All materials and services are fully warrantied for the life of the cost savings plan term.

a. As an alternative, you may want to fund the project yourself and capture 100% of the cost savings starting day 1. This model typically has a 2 year or less ROI breakeven point and all materials would be warrantied for 3 years.