LED Solar Street Light (LIT-SSL)

LED Solar Street Light


LED Solar Street LightLIT commercial LED Solar Street light fixture provides the most advance features in the industry.

Up to 90% more efficient than traditional streetlights with a 50,000 hours of life expectancy for years of trouble free savings.

Variable power with an instant on and optional photocell light or timed sensor.

Durable cast aluminum body with extreme duty for years of service.


  • Super bright LED technology
  • Solar powered, with grid connection back-up optional
  • Natural white light or lower Kelvin Temperatures
  • 50,000 hour life, up to 10 years maintenance free operational life
  • 3 year unconditional component commercial warranty
  • Galvanized, water tight shell that can sustain Hurricane force winds
  • All components in a single aero-dynamic, weather-sealed housing
  • Rust free all aluminum construction (color in brown and white) LM79 available, Patent pending, DLC pending
  • Easily maintained with built in Sensor chips

Additional Options Available

  • Hidden or exterior security camera capability
  • Remote “shut-off” capability
  • Different size and wattage’s to replace most existing street and exterior lighting
  • Sensoring that includes photo sunlight cells, voltage registers, also chemical sensors which include carbon monoxide, methane, sulfur dioxide, etc.
  • Additional power from the lights to use for the charging of electronic equipment
  • Controlled maintenance monitors
  • Sleek “Anti-Theft” design




Output power max

30 Watt* 50 Watt* 80 Watt*

Photo sensor available Battery source Supply LI (V)

19V 19V 19V

Run Time on 12 hours of sun

72 Hours** 72 Hours** 72 Hours**

*Customized wattage available

**Approximately 3 days of use