LED Retrofit Kit

LED Retrofit Kits

LIT produces a unique and flexible line of retrofit kits that enable our clients to upgrade existing light fixtures with solid state LED engines. LIT’s retrofit kits are available for linear, high-bay, low-bay, recessed, sconce, wall packs, and HID can fixtures in both exterior and interior applications. Quite often our retrofit products are developed in a collaborative method with our customers whose unique applications require the customization of our existing forms. Contact LIT for an evaluation of your retrofit needs and to learn how our products are able to preserve the aesthetics and light levels of your existing fixtures, while providing the energy efficient advantages of LED lighting technology. See below for our current Retrofit Kits.

LED Shoe Box Light Retrofit (LIT-SB-RT)

LED Shoe Box Light Retrofit

LED Vapor Tight Light (LIT-VTL)

LED Vapor Tight Light

LED High-Bay Retrofit (LIT-HB-RT-65)

LED High-Bay Retrofit

Multifaceted Reflector Lamp (LIT-MR16-5 / LIT-MR16-7)

Multifaceted Reflector Lamp

Right Handed Thread (LIT-RHT)

Right Handed Thread

Right Handed Thread A-19 (LIT-RHT-A19)

Right Handed Thread A-19

Left Handed Thread (LIT-LHT)

Left Handed Thread

LED Tube Replacement (LIT-TR)

LED Tube Replacement

LED HID Can Retrofit (LIT-HID-RT)

LED HID Can Retrofit

High-Power Vapor Tight (LIT-VTG-RT)

High-Power Vapor Tight