About us

Why Choose Us

1 50% – 97% lighting energy cost savings compared to traditional CFL & Florescent lighting solutions
2 Typical bulb life span of 50,000 hours resulting in dramatically less maintenance cost
3 100% manufactured in the USA making faster turnaround times
4 100% funding with LIT Energy Savings Programs

What we do

LIT provides innovative world class LED Lighting products at factory direct prices to a wide range of commercial and industrial clients. Our premier line of LED fixtures is used in world class projects throughout the United States and many other areas of the World. Currently 100% of our products, including our patented drivers and chipsets, are assembled in North Arlington, NJ. This enables LIT to produce robust, uniquely feature rich products that include custom settings for sensors and dimming controls specific to our customer’s project requirements. Many of the exclusive features of our products are patented (or patent pending) which enable LIT to be more than an LED lighting manufacturer. We are quickly becoming recognized as an innovative world-class technology provider.

We provide feature rich, robust and scalable solutions which are a great investment value for our customers. By doing so, LIT wins the “payback” race hands down when compared to other LED providers, while achieving target ROI numbers dramatically better than expiring technologies such as incandescent, fluorescent, and HID. The key has been to shorten the channel distribution chain, maximize the use of innovative, yet proven manufacturing techniques, utilization of world class products for all critical components, while producing products that our customers have requested we make. That’s right, REQUESTED us to make. Once our custom fixtures have proven successful with our clients, they are then introduced to other customers within similar environments. Quite often, our “custom” fixture becomes a new product offering and is quickly adopted as a corporate wide standard. We call the process “The Capitalizing of Proven Applications Success”.